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Masturbation is a Mortal Sin - impure thoughts are a sin against the 6th commandment.

Chati Maarufu. I am not the first person to identify serious flaws in the way the Catholic Church deals with allegations of sexual abuse. That priests are living double-lives and contradictions are apparent in the way they actually live with the way they profess to live is not in dispute. In her scandalous but rarely read book, Priests in Love, Jane Anderson makes an admission to widespread sexual infidelity amongst Australian Catholic clergy.

The author surveyed thousands of priests promised anonymity and presented a compendium of confessions from men who have turned their back on mandatory celibacy to follow their own consciences.

Unholy Communion | Vanity Fair

Everything was centred on the priest at the altar. A vow of chastity was what qualified a man to hold such an esteemed preaching position within the church. They are keeping up the image for a church that is losing its way in secular society. Catholicism is significantly losing its influence with the community and even with its own remnant adherents.

No one within the organisation speaks publicly about this although most are aware of the hypocrisy. I should know Ukaguzi Sera ya Maoni. Published on. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Read Aloud. Right at that moment the women returned from the kitchen and were seating themselves back at the table.

It was on your ordination day. And you told me you had never been in the box before then. And I never even speak about confession — even in general terms — again. I do believe sincerely in the logic behind his endorsement of sacramental secrecy. Misuse of the Seal of Confession to Indemnify Against Prosecution The seal of confession does potentially become a method of preventing yourself from prosecution. I will explain with two examples from my recent past. He then proceeded to request if I could hear his confession.

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We switched seats and I put on his stole. I was visiting a parish family that I know very well and one of the little girls sat on my lap. While the family were all in the room, distracted by the TV I was penetrating the girl with my finger. What do you say to an elderly priest in those circumstances? But here I was confronted by a paedophile and the seal of confession was like his legal immunity from prosecution.

I could not tell anyone. This is one way that offenders are able to safely continue their crimes without detection. The legal immunity from prosecution that the seal gives, also became an issue in writing this book. One priest, whose abuse of children I have featured in this book, asked me to hear his confession. The Seal of Confession is for those who are genuinely repentant, not for those just trying to manipulate the system for their own benefit, and to enable paedophiles to continue their offending.

I cannot collude with such an agenda. It is the past collusion of priests in situations such as this, which has enabled child abuse within the Catholic Church to continue decade after decade. My hope and prayer is that other honourable priests will read this book and also make a stand against child abuse, and take a similar stand themselves. If we unite in this, we will be a force to be reckoned with in the church.

In reply, they quoted the teaching we received in the seminary. His methodology appeared quite innocent. He said it in such an out-of-character sleaziness that caused her to smile. Something about what he said made her skin creep, so she spoke to me about him just in case I was not aware. A few priests told me I did the wrong thing in warning the woman. I know the greater goal was the protection of innocent women from the unwelcome advances of a man who appears to use his voluntary role within the community as an opportunity to abuse the unsuspecting.

The Church provides a good deal of smokescreens for sexual deviates and those who lack the self-esteem to make healthy and normal attachments. I did not want to appear to be cooperating in this deception by allowing people to be abused by this pervert. There are many priests who have caused people so much more pain by suggesting sins to them.

But the parish priest insisted that it was his responsibility to make Sacramental Confession available to the girls in his parish. Eventually the Principal of the school successfully defended their right to preclude him from forcing the girls to attend Confession, on the grounds that it was a regional High School and not directly under his jurisdiction.

However, the school was really only able to preclude the priest on a technicality, not for his outrageous and chilling statements towards this child.

(ebook) Unholy Silence

In the case of this priest, when he went on to complain about his exclusion from the school to other self-righteous Catholics, rather than admit his practice of interrogation was more the point of issue for the school, he implied that the school did not like him encouraging the girls to go to Confession. I personally found the practice of listening to hour after hour of confessional divulgences highly distasteful. I do believe the sacrament provides a very valid form of reconciliation between God and sinful humanity, and it also gives many needy people access to free counselling and spiritual guidance.

One Catholic psychologist even admitted to me that if more people availed themselves of the free confessional opportunities, readily accessible in every parish, their helping industry could potentially go out of business.

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But what I found most objectionable was the preoccupation that so many people have with confessing every miniscule sexual thought, or act, which they believed was outside the true marriage boundaries rigidly laid down by the teaching authority of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Confession has always been a taboo subject as I have alluded to already, with the threat of immediate excommunication hanging over the head of any priest who would dare to talk about what goes on in that claustrophobia inducing dark box. But let me justify why I want to speak about it.

I am convinced that many of the psychological problems of priests were caused by the repeated intensity of the experience of having to sit for hours in that enclosed space and listen to people confessing the most unimaginable sexual deviancies as well as their most trivial faults. Imagine a young man, newly ordained, with no sexual experience at all, trying to sublimate his own sexual urges against his own healthy biological drives, having to then listen to grandmothers confessing to masturbation, old men describing their inabilities to satisfy their lustful desires with their wives then resorting to pornography or deviate acts with their pets.

This process of hearing these repeated deviant sexual disclosures only serves to desensitize many priests to what are normal and healthy sexual practices, and what is not. Letting the Budgie Out of the Cage In my first appointment as a priest aged only twenty-nine, I had to endure at least thirty minutes of confessions each day. These daily half hours of listening to contrite penitents admit their failings were on the whole quite edifying and humbling.

These are the men and women so scrupulous in cleansing their consciences of guilt that they believed that what they thought about whilst watching TV, or dreamt about while asleep could possibly lead to their eternal damnation. These were the people who daily harangued me with the details of their sexual thoughts and actions which they felt I needed to know the intricacies of in order to absolve themselves. Most of the time I avoided the temptation of wanting to look at the person so as not to keep a mental image in my mind of the sexual activities they were confessing to.

You need to remember I was still a virgin and had no sexual experience at all, so this was all quite disturbing for me. I used to shudder as certain people entered the confessional room. Some I never saw so I have no idea what they looked like but I grew to recognise their footsteps as they approached the room. There were many whose confessional secrets I wish I had never heard. The mental images of what they told me still remain etched in my mind whenever I see them on the streets or in a church.

I have one confessional recollection that has added mirth to many a boring dinner conversation. Not long after I was ordained and assigned to the Cathedral parish of Parramatta, I was given the responsibility of hearing confessions and celebrating weekday Masses. Nobody I raise the subject with is remotely interested, as you say, the eyes just glaze over…. I think it is the Public that needs to grow a backbone, the press may be part of common purpose but there have been enough pedophile stories in the news to have got a public movement on full investigation.

Most people squirm and feel very uncomfortable when pedophile stories come to their attention, yes they feel horrified at the situation but feel awkward at discussing it with others.

Chapter 25 of Unholy Silence by Father Kevin Lee

So we will have to represent ourselves and sites like yours JW help to get the truth out there and start a conversation. I find it hard enough myself to understand how bad it really is.

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First class article John, unfortunately nothing will happen regarding powerful people getting away with abuse be it children, financial or just plain crime. I think justice can only be done with a snooker ball in a sock! I feel unwelcome in the church. They bloody well hate me in the church because I am one of the Pindowns! If I was a paedophile I would probably get a warmer welcome! Despicable sods. I am sick of that accusation. Perhaps people who get mugged should be accused of that, why stop there, perhaps people who get themselves run over by cars only do it to get some easy compensation money!

Stop it already John, its insulting and very hurtful. Want to swap places? Want to know how horrible it is to be having to still be telling people 40 years down the line about Pindown and STILL being told you are a tramp? You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search for: Search. Speculation is rife about the protection of powerful paedophiles. Earlier at The Slog: As always, there is rarely smoke without fire Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading Well then Storico, very tolerant of you to say please Like Like. Him and Ian Evans refused to talk about this and Ian Evans made me out to be a nutter over this, but even though I have mental problams I am NOT a nutter, the mental problems have been caused by the abuse and cover ups and I am definatly NOT a nutter, I just like things to be straight and not all these secrets and strange things goiung on all the time Like Like.

Once again thank you JW Like Like. Alan Thanks for spotting it.