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I have no real explanation as to why the mark stuck in my memory banks, I have not seen it again on replay but I would hazard the guess that it was not outwardly spectacular.

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His three-possession game would be the only time he would be coached by Malcolm Blight, with the two-times premiership coach sacked following the point defeat. Despite suffering a knock to his knee that should have seen him leave the field, with the Saints down on rotations he decided to stay on the ground. It was a decision that caused a great deal of discomfort at games end, as you can see in his own photos above.

The swelling was so great that his quad could not properly function, nor was he able to bend or straighten his leg. Below he details the extraordinary lengths he went to make himself available for the following round. On the Monday, I had an MRI scan at a medical practice to ascertain the level of damage done, then had my knee drained.

After I received some local anesthetic, a large syringe extracted fluid from the joint. It is because of this level of effort to overcome whatever roadblocks were put in front of him that many Saints fans believed he would find a way to drag his body into another season.

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Skip to content Sometimes funny. We are all aware of the good Nick Foles. In Week 9 of the season, he became the second quarterback to post a perfect passer rating of Oh, by the way he tossed seven touchdowns that day in Oakland, landing him in the Hall Of Fame. This combination of a perfect passer rating and seven TD's had never been accomplished in NFL history. The season also had Nick throw for a 27 and 2 touchdown to interception ratio, and led the league in passer rating, which cemented his pro bowl selection. I have to mention here that without the contributions of our franchise QB ,Carson Wentz, I don't believe that Nick would have pulled off what he did.

Most recently, Nick has spearheaded the resuscitation of an Eagles season that seemed to be dead. Then there is bad Nick Foles. Nick spent a season as a starter in St. Louis and I'm sure he would like to forget about it all together. He was awful! We also saw the bad side of Foles in multiple games for the Birds. Last year's Raiders game and the first two of the season come to mind.

I'm well aware of the heat I will take for the previous statement and the following.

St. Nicholas Grade 9 Farewell | Flashworks Photobooth IncFlashworks Photobooth Inc

I heard Joe Giglio on the WIP today state that if Foles somehow made it through the playoffs and beat Dallas in the NFC title game, that nobody would argue that Nick should be the starter moving forward. Well, call me crazy but if that were to occur and even if he won the big one again, I would give Nicky Six an I just believe in Carson that much. I love Nick and all that he has accomplished for our fair city. I will always love and respect Nick and wish him nothing but the best.