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Eventually, the viewer sees that the young man sees glowing numbers counting down above the heads of everyone around him; to everyone else, he appears to be crazy. He is baffled by the timers, until he sees an elderly woman being brought out on a stretcher; when the timer above her head reaches zero, she dies.


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He also sees that he cannot see the timer above his own head, and apparently realizes that he needs to save someone just as he himself was saved. He soon spots a business woman about to enter her car, and sees her timer rapidly dwindle much faster than it should, dropping from the millions to the single digits in a matter of seconds. He pulls her out of the way just before her car is crushed by a statue in a crate which, in an example of foreshadowing , can be seen in midair about halfway through the video.

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The young man then walks away just as the man who had saved him did, leaving the businesswoman astonished as she now sees the timers. The young man then leaves, again talking on a cell phone. The band is in an apartment; Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake do sing on camera, but no instruments are played; the other band members are seen simply staring at the camera, or into space.

Savin' Me - Nickelback - ebaqejes.tk

See also: Shinigami Eyes. There has been a lot of discussion and debate into who exactly the song is "calling out for". Some believe for it to be a lover of the protagonist, while some believe it to have religious meaning, with themes of forgiveness and redemption, with lyrics such as "Heaven's gates won't open up to me" and "teach me wrong from right". So far Nickelback has not specifically addressed this uncertainty.

Savin' Me

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Rádios que tocam Nickelback

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What does Savin' Me mean?

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