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  2. Yes, you can be addicted to social media
  3. Screen | Internet | Video Game Overuse & Addiction
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Of course, back then almost everyone thought he was crazy. Today, however, media as addiction is a common topic of discussion on just about every TV and radio talk show — from Bill Moyers to The View. Alarmingly, what Jeff predicted ten years ago has unfolded just as he predicted. JEFF : Well, with the possible exception of Nicholas Taleb, the others you mentioned have pretty much circumscribed their views and thoughts to our relationships with the digital technologies in our lives.

My thinking, however, is much more systemic. To me, the technologies themselves are of far less concern than the threat posed by our super-addiction to them. To me, the medium is the real message, and the real medium is no longer the technology. The real medium is a super-addiction that now sits as moderator over all our most critical personal and societal debates.

Yes, you can be addicted to social media

The specific technologies and media merely represent our individual drugs of choice. JAFFER : So you view social media and short-format videos and video games and email and texting and laptops and smartphones and HDTVs and game consoles as individual drugs, component parts of a much larger default addiction. JEFF : Yes, exactly.

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But addiction is never about the specific narcotic. Addiction is about the behavior, and addicted behavior is pretty much the same, regardless of the narcotic. Sex addicts behave just like video game addicts who behave just like marijuana addicts who behave just like social media addicts who behave just like compulsive gamblers who behave just like HDTV addicts who behave just like cocaine addicts.

Add them all together and we realize that addiction is now the default condition of America life, the rule rather than the exception. Almost everyone with a smartphone is an addict and behaves accordingly. Because our addictions are fun and entertaining and comforting at first. And because we have an innate tendency to deny the addictive power of our narcotics while we exaggerate our ability to resist them.


The quid pro quo with all addiction is essentially the same now as it was five thousand years ago in the cradle of civilization: reliable diversion and escape and succor in exchange for our time and money and freedom. The drugs, however, are a lot more powerful and a lot more plentiful.

JEFF : Oh, without a doubt. What do you mean by that? JEFF : All systems pushed to extreme begin to exert an opposite effect. They begin to operate in reverse. JEFF : Yes. Addiction is a perfect example of what happens when a system is pushed to extreme. At first, we get pleasure and succor from our drugs of choice. Sometimes, however, they begin to turn again us. JEFF : Sure.

Actually, it was a crap article. Very little information, very shallow! Are you addicted to social media? New CBS talk show is looking for guests to share their experiences! Contact CampbellS hotmail. This why we are so successful at what we do! People spend all there time on Social Media.

Screen | Internet | Video Game Overuse & Addiction

It has become their news source, therapist, entertainment, resume, and other meaningful components of our lives. Our business focuses on allowing those people to be compensated for the time they spend on social media. You must be logged in to post a comment.