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1 John 4:8 and 1 John 4:16

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Two major systems of Krishna worship developed, each with its own philosophical system. These two systems are aishwaryamaya bhakti and madhuryamaya bhakti. Aishwaryamaya bhakti is revealed in the abode of queens and kingdom of Krishna in Dwaraka.

1 John 3:1

Madhuryamaya Bhakti is revealed in the abode of Braja. Thus Krishna is variously worshipped according to the development of devotee's taste in worshipping the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, as father, friend, master, beloved and many different varieties which are all extraordinary. Krishna is famous as Makhanchor , or butter thief. He loved to eat butter and is the beloved of his little village in Gokul. These are all transcendental descriptions.

Thus they are revealed to the sincere devotees in proportion to the development in their love of Godhead. Vaishnavism is a form of monotheism , sometimes described as ' polymorphic monotheism ', with implication that there are many forms of one original deity, defined as belief in a single unitary deity who takes many forms. In Krishnaism this deity is Krishna, sometimes referred as intimate deity — as compared with the numerous four-armed forms of Narayana or Vishnu. The love of God, and the fear of God , are two of the foundations of Islam.

God Loves You (Right Now) - Pastor Steven Furtick

The highest spiritual attainment in Islam is related to the love of God. But those of Faith are overflowing in their love for God.

Islam, as Christianity, has numerous mystics and traditions about the love of God, as in:. Some Sufi writers and poets may have taken human love as a metaphor to define Divine Love but the prominent mystics explain the concept in its entirety and reveal its hardcore reality.

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Rabia Basri , the famous 7th century mystic, is known as the first female to have set the doctrine of Divine Love [21]. In Islamic Sufism , Ishq means to love God selflessly and unconditionally. For Rumi , 'Sufism' itself is Ishq and not the path of asceticism zuhd. The love of God has been called the "essence of Judaism ". Goethe expresses the sentiment of love of God alongside the opposite sentiment of hatred of God in his two poems Ganymed and Prometheus , respectively.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. General conceptions. Specific conceptions. The plan begins to unfold with the offer of eternal life to all mankind. So, what does God want us to do? He wants us to follow in the steps of Jesus to develop the same kind of love. How does this transformation happen? By this we know that we are in Him. Godly love is expressed in how we live like Him.

In answering this way, Jesus summarized the whole emphasis of the 10 Commandments. The first four describe ways we actively express our love toward God—the way we live—when our heart, mind and soul are focused in love toward Him. The last six describe ways in which our love toward our fellow man is expressed, both in mind and in action. They help us understand and live the love of God 8 Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.

As surprising as it may seem, God expects us to become perfected by having the same love as Jesus has—a love so strong that, yes, He laid down His life not just for His friends, not just for His followers who came after, but for all mankind. What we must do is seek to grow in the same kind of love! This is the goal we must pursue in this life. However, in this life we will never become perfect in love as God is. But God wants to see that this is what we want.

The path to godly love requires a commitment from us to both know and follow the Word of God. And His commandments are not burdensome. Do we know the Word of God, or only think we do? This world rewards valiant acts of love and sacrifice with medals, awards, honors and even monuments. God offers something much more. Do you know what that is? Take advantage of this website to learn what the Bible really says about both the Word of God , the love of God and His plan for you.

Let us be your guide as you spend a week discovering who God is and what He has in store for you—in this life and the next. The two elements feed each other: Your passion drives your purpose. Your purpose feeds your passion. I need to be loved by someone who chooses to love me, who sees in me something worth loving. What are the daily choices you can make to love God passionately? You already have what it takes to create an extraordinary relationship with God.

Loving God with all your heart means reserving the best of your affection for him. Make time each day to build an intimate relationship with him through prayer —through conversation. He wants to know you and be known by you. Start by sharing joys with him. Run to him first with your big news at work.

Sing to him at the top of your lungs on a great day. Fill him in on your private hopes. Tell him how much you appreciate him. Boost him up to others. Admit when you feel jealous.


Share your secret fears. Ask him for forgiveness. Then let him talk. He has things to say, and he wants a relationship that goes both ways. Ask for his advice and seek out his answer. Listen to his stories in the Bible. Hear out people who speak his truth. Notice the gifts he has provided for you. Loving God with all your soul means dedicating your life to him.

What can I do with my resources to honor you?

When Have You Seen God’s Love?

Find out what God values and stay true to those things. He may ask you to shift your spending habits from self-indulgence to those less fortunate. He might encourage you to change your attitude toward work.

God Is Love Bible Verses: 1 John and 16

Loving God with all your mind means backing up your passion with knowledge. He wants you to use your reasoning to understand and love him more fully. Begin by asking questions.

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  4. In fact, he hopes for it. Then seek his answers. Read the Bible and find out what the words mean. Listen to the experiences of others. Take a class.