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One is not required to understand the theological depths of the Mystery to believe in its Truth. Do you know what fruit you bear? What is the point of praying for dead persons if not to only feed your own greed to be wisked straight to heaven and save your self the pain. Such greed will only prolong your time there maby even indefinitely. Our prayers and masses are great help to empty purgatory let us all unite in this community for the holy souls.

Unlike the Old Testament sacrifices which could never take away sin, the perfect sacrifice of Christ is exactly that, perfect and which carries the force of complete.

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Official Catholic teaching affirms a distinction between the actual occurrence on Calvary and the mass which purports to represent or re-offer it. They at least recognize that Calvary itself cannot be repeated. Apparently we may have to agree to disagree. But you are right that one position is false - and which I do appreciate. Your concern that I reject the Lord is commendable. I also have the identical concern for you because you accept as the Lord that which is not Him. It is good at least to know what one believes.

Some people believe that everything is true and in which case, nothing would be true and discussion pointless. It would be like saying that "nothing is true At least there are clear alternatives in view here. The mass is either a repetition of Calvary, or, with all due respect to sincerity and good faith, it is idolatry, as are other things the faithful are encouraged to pursue. I would say that only the saints will be in heaven with the rest in hell.

So one may ask oneself: Am I a saint? Purgatory is an admission that the Church offers no clear knowable assurance of ultimate entrance to heaven. Salvation is to be found in commitment to Jesus Christ, not in a church, not yours, not mine. He is the door to the church not vice versa. It is true that some apostles thought they had a monopoly but Jesus rebuked them for thinking and acting so.

Is my church perfect? No it is not, nor would anyone in it say so. A Church that claims absolute perfection of ex cathedra teaching needs only one provable exception to disprove the claim as is the case with all propositions based on always and never. But that could only be discussed where both parties agreed on what level of evidence constituted proof. Maybe this is too long for this forum.

By the way, I have read Scott Hahn's book also titles by Karl Keating and Stephen Ray -also articles by Patrick Madrid and others- all very well and honestly written - so I have a degree of familiarity. Very nice accounts that I recommend everyone to read. In fact it is a duty that our Holy Mother the Church entrusted us many centuries ago to read the lives of the saints because here we may find a number of graces that we couldn't get otherwise.

By these accounts we may find the true desire of God, the true desire to go to Heavens to dwell here with His Son the Christ. But there is one thing currentlylacking: The fear of Hell. I am apalled how many modernist faithfuls strongly denie the existence of Hell and even doubt that of the Purgatory because they say that God's love cannot make any among of his children to suffer.

That is because they are forgetting that God is Love, yes. Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross was once and for all for our salvation through God's love. But the sins we didn't atone enough on Earth should be atoned in Purgatory, so far as we begged Him to forgive us and repented before dying. Therese of Lisieux asked for prayers from St. Purgatory must truly exist, when a Soul first appears before the judgement throne of God, there it will see as if a video of it's entire life span on earth and that soul will know that it is unable to see God face to face in the Beatific Vision because of an earthly life of sin and imperfection that it would not be able to withstand such Perfection because of such sin and imperfection that must be expiated.

I would like to point out two things to people that believe only a Catholic can enter heaven. Who are we to say that Jesus and God have not prepared one,or numerous ways, for non-Catholics to enter heaven through Him after their time on earth. With Jesus and God, all things are possible. And many things possible that we can not even think of. Do not limit God, for He is limitless.

Purgatory is a trillion times better than hell because there, we have hope of seeing God someday. As mother angelica puts it: strive for heaven but accept purgatory with open arms. Prayer for All those Who Have Died I culled this beautiful prayer from the Internet, which was itself drawn from the Byzantine Divine Liturgy, and changed a few wordings.

We are told this prayer reminds us that Christ's victory over death brings to all of us the possibility of eternal rest. So, we beseech You, give rest to your servants who have departed this life. Grant it to those who, from Adam until now, have adored you or have searched for you in the depths of their hearts, to our fathers and mothers, to our kinsmen and friends, to all men and women who have passed their road to You, by a thousand ways, in all conditions and ages, forgive their transgressions and, by the sufferings you have endured for our sake, make them all worthy to enter your heavenly kingdom.

Amen" I also want to share this prayer which I made and recite specifically for all those who died in miserable circumstances: "O FATHER GOD, hear your suffering children, especially the cries of those who died in miserable circumstances. We pray for those who died in war, those who died by deliberate or accidental violence.

We pray for those who died feeling unloved, betrayed or bitter; for those who died by their own hand, feeling overwhelmed by too many problems; we pray for all those who died thinking that there is no God who knew and cared for them. We pray for those who had remained in debasing poverty until their death; for those who died only after a long and painful sickness. We pray for those who died away from home; for those who died having no one to care for them; for those who died in lonely isolation; for those who died consumed by hatred or unforgiveness; we pray for those who died with a rage in their hearts, which questioned your very existence.

May your mercy be upon them. May you give them the joy that eluded them in life. May Eternal Light shine upon them, and may they rest in Your peace. Raoul, Thanks for sharing these two beautiful prayers! Glenn Dallaire. I have a question. Doesn't the bible say when you confess your sins, the GOD Will forgive make them as white as snow and remember them no more. I am a new Catholic and feel strongly called to pray for the dead, but did not know how to do so. There are many, many new Catholics who need basic help like this. Also, when I was in rcia, the nun who taught it didn't believe in confession and didn't teach it to candidates.

I would like to answer two questions which I will paraphrase here : a Isn't it greedy to say prayers for dead people because you actually only want to go to heaven? My personal answer : NO. Personally I long to go to heaven because my Lord and my King is there and my heart yearns to be with Him. And I feel pity for those in purgatory who are not allowed to be in His Presence. I believe that they, more than me, feel the pain of separation.

This pain is all-encompassing and heartbreaking for me to the point of being unable to sleep sometimes. If they in purgatory can feel it more keenly than me, then I truly pity them and I want them to be free of this pain. And so I pray for their release. If you have brothers and sisters caged in torment, wouldn't you do everything you could to free them? And if you're thinking whether or not I am crazy I am thinking why you aren't feeling the same.

This has been answered in some of the other comments. In simple words, God is Love, Mercy and Justice. He is a very fair God. He loves us unconditionally and expects us to do the same. But do we?? Therefore, there is expiation. Besides, dare any one of us say we are sinless? And if we have even the slightest stain of sin, how can we enter Heaven? Thanks Anonymous for your comments. I wholeheartedly agree! May God bless you and your loved ones, -Glenn Dallaire. Also, as someone else said, Bl.

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Anne Catherine Emmerich's revelations support this. I would like to know which other mystics speak of non-Catholics in Purgatory, as these are all I know of. Great is His justice, but still more inconceivable is His mercy. He damns only those who are determined not to be converted; they who have a spark of good will are saved I have seen in Purgatory Protestants who were pious in their ignorance; they are very desolate, for no prayers are offered for them I saw that by our prayer and suffering, many a soul who labours not during life, can be converted and saved at the hour of death.

Who knows how many accept God in their final moments e. The Church's teaching about "no salvation outside the Church" is often misunderstood. Pope Pius IX and others have confirmed that those who labour in invincible ignorance which only God can determine can be saved this can be inferred from The Council of Trent's teachings on justification. How is this possible if they are not Catholic? We are not told how this is the case, just as we are not told exactly how predestination works.

What we do know is that all those who die in a state of grace which is offered to all by means of an act of perfect contrition are mystically united to the Church, which is One. Therefore, they are part of the Church. Read this from 'The Catechism Explained', : If, however, a man, through no fault of his own, remains outside the Church, he may be saved if he lead a God-fearing life; for such a one is to all intents and purposes a member of the Catholic Church.

The majority of men who have been brought up in heresy think that they belong to the true Church; their error is not due to hatred of God. A man who leads a good life and has the love of God in his heart, really belongs to the Church, and such a one is saved, not by his heresy, but by belonging to the Church.

Peter said: "In every nation he that feareth God and worketh justice is acceptable to Him" Acts x. Gregory the Great, "embraces all the just from Abel to the last of the elect at the end of the world. They do not belong to the body of the Church, that is, they are not externally in union with the Church, but they are of the soul of the Church, i. Thus the Catholic Church has members both visible and invisible. The visible members are those who have been received into the Church by Baptism The invisible members are those who without any fault of their own are outside the Church leading- God-fearing lives.

William Most has written well in his article about how a pagan can be saved if he sins mortally. This article can be found on EWTN. I want to share with you some good news. The Bible is God's word and gives you direction on how you get to Heaven. You do not need to fear death. You don't have to worry about someone praying you out of purgatory or attaining salvation through works. If you are serious about knowing the truth and learning about God through his Word not religion, please check out the many resources at AreYouSavedNow.

Why not offer the Heroic Act of Charity for those in purgatory? This Heroic Act of Charity is the completely unselfish offering to God of all the satisfactory value of one's prayers and good works plus the value of any that might be offered for one after one's death for the benefit of the Souls in Purgatory, rather than for oneself. The "satisfactory value" of a good work is its value with regard to making up for our sins and reducing our stay in Purgatory. However, the "meritorious value" of our good works is inalienable, i.

Moreover, a person who has made the Heroic Act may still pray for himself, friends and other intentions. The Heroic Act is revocable at will and is not a vow. Its actual ratification depends on the will of God. By making this act with purity of intention, one is relying upon the mercy of God and the prayers of the Communion of Saints to assist his soul after death.

Using a spell is a very dangerous thing to do Beautiful post! I think it's helpful for people to keep in mind the dogma that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. There is, of course, the plausibility of invincible ignorance of the Catholic Church. However, VERY few people could boast that.

I would recommend reading the words of the Popes, Church councils, and saints on this subject. Are the souls in Purgatory at a higher level than guardian angels? Though in Purgatory, we are spirits that have been saved and need additional purification. Guardian angels are higher only than the corporal humans. I think there is a misunderstanding here of the words, outside the church there is no salvation. It does not mean that if you are not catholic you can not be saved. It only means that their salvation even if they do not share our faith will still be through the prayers and sacrifices of the catholic church, the bride of Christ.

Outside the church they cannot go to heaven because it is through the power given to the church by Jesus that they will be loosed from purgatory. I don't know if I missed it, but this is a good place to mention the prayer given by Jesus to St. Gertrude the Great, which, when said, releases a thousand souls from Purgatory: "Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most Precious Blood of thy Divine Son Jesus,in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the Universal church, those in my own home and within my family.

If a soul receives no benefit from our prayers while they are in the lowest part of purgatory - what would then be the point of praying for them? This disturbs me because we don't know when or if they will ever benefit from sacrifices made for them. It would seem to me that would be the place they would be most of need of prayers, yet God withholds those benefits from them while they are there. Should I pray for my daughter anyway not knowing if she receives the benefit? No prayer is ever wasted We as part of the Church Militant need only trust in the Lord and offer Him all our help.

Your daughter's soul will be going through what it needs most People who i new died keep coming into my mind and i see there faces i do pray for them i have a strong faith my heart is sore for them is this normal joseph goddess. Suddenly, surprisingly, exactly how I still haven't discerned, there on my Smartphone's browser was the home page display of Joseph Moloney's post on Purgatory. Since the St. Gertrude Prayer is all about releasing souls from Purgatory, and our own underestimation or forgetfulness of Purgatory's pains and duration tends to be chronic for most of us Catholics, presenting Mr.

Maloney's post provides welcome reminders, both to pray as frequently as possible for the Poor Souls, and to clean up our own acts so as to have to spend little or no time in Purgatory on our final road to Heaven. Joseph Moloney 1. What is a state of grace? Mortal vs. Purgatory is a good place! Not exactly Heaven, definitely not hell, but is akin to the gate to Heaven. Through confession, Jesus removes the nails of sin. Clement of Alexandria says that by punishment after death men must expiate every least sin before they can enter heaven.

Purgatory is where we work out the "consequences" of our sin that have not been paid during our lifetime. Purgatory is a reminder to us that we are not free to do any evil we like in this life and then just repent when we die and go straight to heaven. Although God does not want to send anyone to Purgatory His Justice demands it. To receive an MS Word.

Yours in Christ, Steve Engel. Some comments above mention the use of indulgences to relieve the suffering souls. This comment excerpts with link an internet post seemingly giving all the rules of the traditional powerful method that the Roman Catholic Church offers--gaining a plenary indulgence either 1 to remit all our own punishment due to sin up till the current moment or 2 to request such remission of Our Lord for a deceased soul in Purgatory.

This means the full remission of all temporal punishment time spent in purgatory due to sin in one's entire lifetime up to that point. Plenary indulgences can also be requested of Our Lord for the deceased. There are additional conditions that must be met for the acquiring of a plenary indulgence: 1 that the person truly repudiate and be sorry for all sin, mortal and venial; 2 reception of Holy Communion on the day the indulgence is sought; 3 Sacrament of Penance several days not specified how many before or after the indulgence is sought; 4 prayer which can in the form of an Our Father and a Hail Mary for the intentions of the pope on the day the indulgence is sought.

Only one plenary indulgence per day can be obtained unless it is the hour of death—see indulgence number Gertrude the Great: Say this Prayer! Pass it On! Our Lord told St. Gertrude that the following prayer would release 1, souls from purgatory each time it is said.

The prayer was extended to include living sinners, which would alleviate the temporal punishment accrued to them during their lives. Our Lord also told St. Gertrude the Great that each time we look at The Most Blessed Sacrament our place in heaven is raised forever. Further, each time one person receives Holy Communion something good happens to every being in heaven, on earth and in purgatory.

And still another promise of Christ to St. Gertrude, and an extraordinary incentive to attend daily MassFor each Mass we hear with devotion during our lifetime, Our Lord will send a saint to comfort us at our death. Two Points of Interest 1. The Catholic Church has granted permission to recite the prayer by officially granting the "Nihil Obstat" and "Imprimatur".

Escape From Purgatory

Cardinal Pahiarca of Lisbon, Portugal on March 4, ". Since the prayer is so short, when you do pray it, consider praying it multiple times. In a test case, three repetitions, at 15 seconds each, took me 45 seconds, upping the total souls released from Purgatory as we Catholics believe who trust in that promise based on Church approval of the devotion from to for an extra 30 seconds of recitation time. It's where the Catholic Action is - a special spot for the those who are grateful to live in the Catholic City, wherever they may abide. Here you'll find articles on the Faith, Fatima, Secrets of the Catholic City, Catholic family life and homeschooling - all with what Hilaire Belloc called "the Catholic conscience of history.

I do believe that some Protestants have had such experiences, but much goes unsaid as they have no context in which to discuss them. I was praying for safe passage to God of a recently departed soul of an old lady I knew. While praying I had a vision that this lady was in a dark place and I saw yellow eyes watching.

This is what prompted me to search for answers and I found this very interesting article. Was this perhaps purgatory that I saw in my vision? There are several levels in purgatory. Who is to say what is at each level? But your vision of her is not a 'happy' one. I think you have been shown that you need to continue praying for her. What a fortunate lady to have a champion sending up prayers for her. Here you will find acceptable acts for combining with the general conditions. I have also donated enough money per month to the seraphic mass association. They are capuchin missionaries to have them say a novena of Masses for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

In regards to non-Catholics being unable to get to Heaven I believe it to be inconceivable that the infinite love of God would allow this. I don't wish to brag but I have said this prayer over , times: "O my [loving] Jesus, pardon us, save us from the fire of Hell and draw all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need. If you wish to verify this prayer search for Lucia's version of the decade prayer at Fatima. To verify the decade prayer type: Lucia's version of the decade prayer at Fatima.

I pray it very slightly altered because of better English grammar.

Glimpses of Purgatory: Robert Menzies: Books

I have shifted an "and" and included loving before "Jesus". Over the last 30 weeks I have endeavoured to save a soul from Purgatory every day and said the decade prayer hundreds of thousands of times. I get the seraphic mass association. They are capuchin missionaries to say the Masses. After reading how efficacious Masses are for the Holy Souls I decided to do this indefinitely. Money well spent. Building up treasure in Heaven!! I am a practicing Catholic and in my daily rosary i offer one decade on behalf of the Holy Souls.

When i wake up in the morning my first act is to offer up St Gertrude's prayer on behalf of the Holy souls and together with my daily morning prayers i offer up the novena on behalf of the Holy Souls. This has been going on for many years. Three years ago i was diagnosed with Colon Cancer that had passed stage four. The prognosis was bad, very bad that a cure was out of the way.

I left it in the hands of God and continued with all my prayers. Three years since then and up to now with three major surgeries, full Chemo and Radio therapy a temporary disability and other strong medications, i am almost fully cured with no permanent disability.

Words are inadequate to describe this miracle and i attribute it partly to the Holy Souls for whom i have never ceased to pray. This daily charitable act saved me and i know and feel that God accepted all my prayers on behalf of the Holy Souls. As long as i am alive i will do all that i can in my power to help the Holy Souls in the name of Jesus Christ, son of the Eternal father the author of all goodness.

Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon them all. A message to ALL God knows the true intent of your heart. The teaching magisterium of the church,tradition and sacred scripture are our guides, along with pray, reconciliation and the mass. Add to that the visions, miracles and prayers of the saints, we have an abundance of help to assist in our salvation and the salvation of others The goal of Satan is get us to STOP praying for ourselves and souls and to create doubt in our beliefs; the real presence in the Eucharist, praying the rosary.

He creates seeds of doubt in the belief systems of the church to lead us away from a deeper religious life. I have great respect for other Christians and pray for them. I know many know Christ and will find salvation.

But Satan deceives even the good when he disguises himself as a angel of light - I read comments above that the Mass is idolatry as it re-sacrifices Christ; when His salvic work is done on Calvary. This is Protestant Reformation theology to deny the holyness of the mass. This is Satan's deception to diminish the value of the mass and the Holy Eucharist - The bible is not the sole vehicle necessary for salvation. This is called Sola Scriptura, a belief system created by Martin Luther in the 16th century when he left the church. I am warning that Satan' deceptions were behind the split in the church and continues to deceive the world as to not seek God.

The problem i deeper than the split in the church. He has deceived many into an ambiguous "spirituality" with no accountability, no sin and no punishment. Continue to pray and seek God everyday and continue to pray for the souls in Purgatory. May the blessing of God be with you always and continue to put on the full armor of God Ephesians 10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your excellent commentary. May God bless you and your loved ones, Glenn Dallaire. I am not religious, I do not pray but I have a new found fear after repeatedly sinning and being visited by someone watching me at the end of my bed. He is a man but I can not see him other then his profile. He was watching me every night until a couple of weeks ago when I visited the most horrible place imaginable.

There was levels and I was trying to climb my way up from the lowest. An elevator took me to these different levels where there were other people who were mad or insane or scared and in horrible torture. It was very dark. As you climb the levels it becomes less terrible as the very bottom I don't know if this was all just dreams or not but I can not get over what I seen I am scared. From my personal experience, there is no random happening or 'useless' dream. God is wonderful and loves us all so much that He tries to save us in many different ways. I believe you have been gifted with a warning.

It is up to you now whether you choose to ignore the warning or return to God. I say to you, do not worry. I need you. Help me. If you google: How to save a soul from Purgatory [with God's Approval] you will discover the method for saving a soul with the approval of God of course. When my husband passed away I called an order of priests that had supposedly said the Gregorian masses for all of my departed relatives.

To my surprise the Priest that I spoke to advised me that none of the masses had been said for my departed relatives. He stated that the money must have been used to run their parish, and not forwarded on to the "Missionary" side of their order!! So my question is: Our families intent was correct, but the masses weren't said as the order didn't follow through. Now I wonder are my deceased relatives languishing in purgatory? I found another order who are Missionaries only for my husband, and a Friend, who have said the Gregorian Masses for them only.

Status of my other relatives please? Prayers are never wasted. One must pray for the virtue of hope, trust God. He will apply your prayers as He sees fit. I just finished praying, but I did so in tears. I lost my dad 12 years ago and I see him in my dreams sometimes but he doesn't say much. Most times he looks at me looking dumb as if he has no energy to utter a word. At first I thought it was because he left this world in lots of pains as he died of pancreatic cancer but now I understand better having read the above articles, that he probably is in the lowest part of purgatory and needs plenty of my prayers.

Now I know I have to double my prayers for him and for all the souls in purgatory. I am bitterly and deeply kicking my self for not doing much for him in terms of prayers all these years, but I am glad for the opportunity this year's All Souls Day has given me, to make amends. Glory to God in the highest for the communion of Saints and for forgiveness of sins. His mercies endures forever. Purgatory is a lie from hell to deceive people that if they live wrong they still have a chance. This is unscriptural,if money can buy souls, why did Jesus spend six hours on the cross. These people are either lying,possessed by Satan, or demon incarnations.

One thing im certain of there wont be purgatory for them, they will burn in everlasting flames, save they repent. To Anonymous, I do not understand the connection between money and souls and purgatory. Please clarify. Also please explain how it is unscriptural. You do nit have Maccabees in your bible? Google: How to save a soul from Purgatory [with God's approval] Here you will find a neat summary approved by the Church for saving a soul from Purgatory every day.

The source sites of this summary are also included at the bottom of the document. So much crazy on the internet. If you're a Catholic and repeating, yet again, that there is no salvation outside the Church, then why are you on the internet stating what has already been said? Might it be self righteous pride? I would recommend you go to church, get on your knees, and do the stations of the cross and offer it for the conversion of those sinners that you are so ready to condemn to hell, and that the Lord may grant you humility. And it was for that purpose, more than any other, that Christ instituted one Holy Catholic, and Apostolic Church with Peter, the most flawed of his faithful apostles, at it's head.

So, when you read that hacked up book you call a bible, and interpret it with your own self serving pride, and refuse to OBEY, we know who's influence you are under. Peace be with you. Please pray for my soul. I am in torment from my sins. I try over and over to do right but i still commit certain sins that haunt me like a disease.

Please if any one here can have masses or prayers for me I will be forever grateful! GOD bless you all! Iwant to be with GOD in heaven i'm so afraid of hell! I have been there, my friend. About this Item Hartwell, Vic. All of our books are in the shop, and are 'real' books. We try to post the same day as the order. Descriptions are conservative.

Postage rates may be lower than ABE estimate, please use Ask Bookseller a Question to confirm availability and postage cost, use [Ask Bookseller a Question] option below to confirm availability and get accurate postage quote for this item the amount quoted is for an 'average' hard-cover book of up to 1kg in weight.

Bookseller Inventory Ask Seller a Question. About this title Synopsis: pages. Store Description A small warehouse providing quality fine, rare and second-hand books on the Gold Coast. Open by arrangement please call Visit Seller's Storefront Terms of Sale: Mail prices to be advised on order. The cheapest option will always be selected. Yes, there is the darkness of hell. Lowest purgatory: close to hell but Heaven-bound. How Jesus is in Heaven.

Do 'earthbound' spirits affect us? Near death: a trip through the stars?

The other side: yes, there is a hell. Did Jesus allude to 'earthbound'? Dying like 'going home'. More on 'ghosts' and what Jesus said. Sister of St. Are souls in hell destroyed? What 'The End' said about Heaven. Padre Pio, Mass, and dispelling spirits. When deceased manifest, it's often for prayer, consolation. Brush with death shows God as 'discerner of all secrets'. On entering Heaven, we see souls we prayed for. Avoiding 'void' of purgatory. Mass music should resemble Heaven. Near-death insights. Do animals have an afterlife? Whether or not they go to Heaven, many see spiritual link in animals.

When deceased loved ones manifest. Our true home is beyond the Star of Bethlehem. Seeing true praise. Minister recounts a trip to 'hell'. Minister saved from hell claims he was granted a glimpse of angels and the future. Man who had 'near-death' brush describes approaching God. Mystery church has strange burn marks. Visions of 'dead' lead to insights on purgatory. Doctor claims that before birth some babies have near-death experiences. More accounts of signs from deceased relatives. Viewer recounts 'signs' from deceased.

Incredible medical procedure doesn't stop journey to 'Light'. Doctor's blockbuster book: 'no doubt on afterlife'. Fires of hell -- or purgatory? God's touch in 'visitation' dreams. Woman glimpsed other side after failed abortion. Of angels and 'visitation' dreams. Nurses increasingly report 'spirits' in hospitals. Did a bishop haunt a rectory? Discernment beat: hospital 'ghosts'. Those dying said to encounter 'roomful'. Virginia healer tells of near-death experience. Questionable 'revelation' reminds us of hellfire. Book excerpt: earthbound spirits. Woman who survived African genocide was healed by deceased relatives.

Visions of the netherworld. Woman says most near-deathers encounter Jesus. Both near-death witnesses and saints saw incredible 'light'.

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Nebraska boy testifies that 'heaven is real'. Of Father's Day and purgatory. Seers at apparition saw 'passage' to eternity. Praying for purgatorial priests. Man recounts death-glimpse of heaven and 'secret' message.

Paradise and purgatory

Pain of returning to earth recalled by man who came back from death. Bridget and freeing souls in purgatory. Kansas Baptist encountered Blessed Mother in a near-death episode. You'll shed the 'chains' of earth in Heaven. Mary rescues doctor during near-death episode. When 'Jewish' boy was beaten for going to church, it led to a glimpse of purgatory. Little booklet claims soul in hell communicated with nun. British doctor claimed problems arise when dead are not mourned. In His mercy, God often removes fear at death. Afterlife: loved ones who die at same time. Harshness can get you purgatory.

Praying for souls who send 'signs'.