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  2. Joseph Mallord William Turner
  3. Turner: Sun Setting over a Lake | Buy Art on Demand by Tate | Tate

I'm so glad I didn't wait any longer to remedy that. Angele and Ueno meet at a gallery opening in Winnipeg and from the beginning Angele is entranced by Ueno. She learns that the print shop where her friend works is going to print a book of Ueno's poetry and woodcuts. She arranges her schedule so that she can go to the printery when the book is being printed. Ueno is delighted to see her and he asks her to translate his poems into French.

Angele and Ueno become lovers and soulmates. Even the cover of this book is gorgeous and it reflects the quote that is on the dedication page: The geese fly over the place where the bullfrogs stay One of the delights of reading this book is the fact that it takes place in Winnipeg for part of the time and then in northern Manitoba for part of the time. I've driven the road to Thompson and the author obviously has also. He captures the experience exactly. I was inspired to try my hand at haiku: This book is a painting that is not under glass.

I passed this book on to one of the members of my library book club.

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We'll be discussing it in March. The woman from my book club who read this gave it back to me obviously didn't get into the idea of BookCrossing so I'll try to find someone else to read it. I'll take this book to the monthly meeting of Winnipeg BookCrossers. I picked this up okay grabbed!

Thanks gypsysmom. This is the first year I had not already read the Manitoba "On the Same Page" winner before it was selected, so I'm happy as a pig in I'm already half way through. In contrast to my last sentence, this book is lovely. In chapter 63, Angele describes Winnipeg in spring before the leaves come out thusly: "The entire landscape seems made of lace, an elementary web of air and lines. This is a curious little book - one hundred and sixty-four chapters on about half as many pages. It is a story told by Angele, a young Metis architectural student about her relationship with a much older Japanese poet, Ueno.

Angele is 20, Ueno They meet at an art gallery in Winnipeg and Angele is immediately drawn to this man with a face of strong bones, withered, but with coal black eyes "brimming with an exuberant restraint. Ueno tells her that she will translate his poems to French. Angele is delighted and yet worried that she will be unable to do that. As I said, the story is made up of tiny chapters, mostly in chronological order, describing the time that Angele and Ueno spent together in Winnipeg, and often at Ueno's cabin in the bush near Thompson, Manitoba. It reads as if Angele is going through a scrapbook of photos, letters or even poems perhaps, each one eliciting a certain memory.


Joseph Mallord William Turner

Some of these chapters are much like poems themselves and often describe birds and other wildlife and natural settings. Describing Winnipeg in the spring when the trees are still without leaves, Angele says, "The entire landscape seems made of lace, an elementary web of air and lines.

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I am most grateful and will be sure to include it when I send the book out to continue its journey. Among other things, the guide contained some excerpts from the French version of the book, Le Soleil du Lac qui se couche. There was a time when I could read a book in French.

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I regret that I no longer can, at least with the ability to read in French and not have to translate into English to understand it. Comparing my own halting translation with the actual French text gave me a real appreciation of the talents of the translator, S. Stewart and, indeed, the worries of Angele to get things right.

I kissed Sara and Frank prepared a cappuccino for me. As for me, I was dumbfounded, with no idea what to say. I heard the voices of Ueno and Sara run on like a distant hum. I could see a welter of sheets the colour of India paper, and letters swarming like black fireflies.

I would be exaggerating if I said I thought I would faint. But I suddenly found myself engulfed in a kind of darkness, with a small lantern shining out before me. Nous avons en effet pris une pause. Avec la confiance de celui qui sait. Je sens que tu vas le faire. Then it passed. They did actually take a break. We ate them in the office. Frank brought us one of his jugs of wine.

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I was looking at the two or three poems of which proofs had been printed. The lettering was at once simple and stylized, that was clear.

Turner: Sun Setting over a Lake | Buy Art on Demand by Tate | Tate

But it produced a somewhat primitive look, of something handmade. Frank explained that they had used old-fashioned lead type of a kind that was no longer manufactured. As a result, there were slight variations from letter to letter in the opening and the body. With the confidence of one who knows. A sort of innate knowledge. I have no talent for it. I have a feeling you can do it.

You are interested in the arts, in literature, in architecture, and translation is a form of construction. Cette traduction, elle sera pour toi. You see, you already have a great sensitivity for the work.

House of the Setting Sun